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Sleeping Lamb Baby Wet and Dry Cloth Diaper Bag 2 pcs Set (Owls and Stripe)

001-Wet bag
001-Wet bag
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Product Name : Sleeping Lamb Baby Wet and Dry Cloth Diaper Bag 2 pcs Set (Owls and Stripe)
Product ID : WB0061-S
Price : $11.89
Color : Owls and Stripe
With handle : yes
Storage : wet clothes,dirty diaper
Sets : 2 piece


Our Stylish Wet Dry Bag made of Environmetal quality polyester surface and durable waterproof liner, easy to wipe clean. 

Large Pocket Size: 12.8 by 10.60 inches
Front Mesh Pocket: 9.84 by 10.60 inches
Weight: 150g

Yellow owls print wet bag×1
Blue stripe print wet bag ×1

Your super cute and functional wet bag:

-Wet Dry Diaper Bag made of quality polyester surface and durable waterproof liner, resist most odors and stains, keeping smells in. Prefect for the diaper bag, swimming, daycare, etc.

-Two zippered pockets for keep the clean and dirty diapers separately. Throw your diapers, wipes, baby bottom products & dirty clothes in the large zipper pocket; mesh zippered pocket for dry, clean items.

-Reusable bag and machine washable. washed in cold or warm water. Gentle-machine it every 2-3 days.

-Perfect dirty diaper sack holder for diaper bag travel.

-Durable waterproof liner, perfect for carrying wet swimsuits, dirty diapers, soiled clothes.

-Handy Handle. Comes with a snap handle so that you can easily pick the bag up or hang it. 

-Easily attach to any baby stroller, offer all day comfort.

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